About Us

Our nucleus of BAID original organizing members (Phil Carmen-skating professional, Lissa Birkett, Erica Ling Mink, Sam&Claire Hayek, Karen Matsuoka, Marvin&Alison Lee, Herb&Dottie Swain and Sue Stokes) actively skated at San Mateo Fashion Island Ice Capades ice arena, regularly on Sunday mornings.  Everyone skated at other venues during the week, but we attended this session with religious reliability.

Some ice dancers ventured to Santa Barbara to experience a new social event called ICE DANCE WEEKEND. They returned with rave comments regarding the weekend filled with ice dancing, dinner-dance, and mixing with ice dancers of all levels from across the country. Our founding members decided to participate and indeed were swept away by the companionship and shared joy of ice dancing.

Circa 1983-84, these dedicated ice dancers came up with the idea of hosting our own DANCE WEEKEND. Since there was no ice club or social affiliation, the Bay Area Ice Dancers (BAID) became the host organization. We worked with Ice Capades management for the rink and facilities and contracted with local hotels and eateries for guest support.  A majority of the refreshments were provided by the BAID members, with tremendous support by the BAID folks to act as generous host/hostess'. The maiden voyage was a huge success.

Originally the rink was inside the walls of the Fashion Island Mall. The ice surface was not regulation size, as is San Jose. When inside the mall, the public had free access and viewing of our skaters. The ambient room temperature was pleasant and rarely was a heavy jacket required by the skaters, nor the viewing audience. The public could purchase a cup of coffee or refreshments from the food court surrounding the rink, sit at the rinkside tables, and enjoy the skating. These were the formative times when our ice dancers were growing in numbers, but still not overwhelmingly crowded.  The ice rink in Fashion Island Mall eventually was closed.  BAID was in search of a new home.

Eventually the BAID dancers began skating at the Sharks Ice in San Jose. While the rink has changed as well as some of the faces, the group is committed to preserving and sharing the love of social ice dancing for all ages to enjoy.  The group still hosts an annual ice dance weekend in October and has a weekly Sunday morning session.  In 2017, the group decided to become more organized with an established board of directors.  The group is currently proceeding with incorporation as a non-profit and seeking status as a tax exempt organization.  Stay tuned for our progress.  We welcome you to join us on the ice!