Ice Dance Testing during the ice dance weekend will be offered on Sunday from 1:15 to 3:15 pm.  We plan to be able to test all levels including internationals.

Testing Priority if the session fills will be by full ice dance weekend attendees and order received.  To test you must be registered for ice dance weekend.

Below is a list of coaches available to partner people through tests.  Please contact the individual coach to arrange the tests if you are interested.


Tests that can be proped

Contact Info

Nathan Fast

Up thru Gold, Including Intl:Samba Rhumba, Cha Cha Congelado


Michelle Ford

Up thru Pre Golds

Jonathan O'Daughtery

Up thru Golds

Pam O'Daughtery

Up Thru Golds

Lorna Wrighton Gosverer

Up thru Golds and some Internationals   518-637-3969    

Beata Handra

Up Thru Golds

Refund Policy: 

90% of fee refunded if canceled by 9/22/2018 or test session does not have room. 

No refund given after 9/22/2018 unless test canceled due to lack of room. 

Late Registration: After 9/22/2018 tests will only be considered at the discretion of the test chair.

Test Schedule will be available sometime after 9/22/2018.  It will be emailed when it is available and added to this webpage.

Questions contact:

Test Fees:

 Pattern Dance Test Level   Fee/Dance Pattern Dance Test Level Fee/Dance
 Preliminary   $32.50     Silver $42.50
 Pre-Bronze $32.50 Pre-Gold $47.50
 Bronze $32.50 Gold   $47.50
 Pre-Silver $32.50 International $47.50      

 Free Dance Test Level            Fee
 Juvenile $47.50
 Intermediate $47.50
 Novice         $47.50
 Junior $57.50
 Senior $57.50

Test Registration and Payment Form