Ice Dance Test Registration

Ice Dance Testing during the ice dance weekend will be offered on Sunday from 1:15 to 3:15 pm.  We plan to be able to test all levels including internationals.

Testing Priority if the session fills will be by full ice dance weekend attendees and order received.

Refund Policy: 

90% of fee refunded if canceled by 9/22/2018 or test session does not have room. 

No refund given after 9/22/2018 unless test canceled due to lack of room. 

Late Registration: After 9/22/2018 tests will only be considered at the discretion of the test chair.

Test Schedule will be available sometime after 9/22/2018.  It will be emailed when it is available and added to this webpage.

Questions contact:

Test Fees:

 Pattern Dance Test Level   Fee/Dance Pattern Dance Test Level Fee/Dance
 Preliminary   $32.50     Silver $42.50
 Pre-Bronze $32.50 Pre-Gold $47.50
 Bronze $32.50 Gold   $47.50
 Pre-Silver $32.50 International $47.50      

 Free Dance Test Level            Fee
 Juvenile $47.50
 Intermediate $47.50
 Novice         $47.50
 Junior $57.50
 Senior $57.50

Test Registration and Payment Form