Support Jimmy Sun & Family

On June 17th at 1 AM, beloved ice dancing coach Jimmy Sun had a severe stroke. He is currently recovering at a medical facility.  Jimmy is starting to improve and beginning  the long road of recovery.  He is able to communicate with some basic written words, but no verbal communication yet.  He seems more aware of who people are and seems to enjoy jokes quite a bit. The family is looking to relocate to Los Angeles area in the near future while Jimmy still continues to rehabilitate.

People can visit Jimmy currently at San Francisco Kindred Transitional Care & Rehabilitation
(Recommend visiting between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. If you have a special circumstance, please speak with the charge nurse on duty so alternate visiting hours may be arranged. Phone 415-563-7600)

2707 Pine St Room 509-B
San Francisco, CA 94115

His wife Jennifer and daughter Josie have been grateful for all the concern and support everyone has offered to them while going through this difficult time.  As many of you know besides teaching ice skating and sharpening skates, Jimmy is self employed and runs a packing and shipping store, Box Ship & More that his wife Jennifer is left to operate alone for now.  Josie is currently in summer school working on her bachelor degree.  

As many people have asked how they can help Jimmy and his family, we have created this site to coordinate ways in which you can help.

The family has set up a place for people to make donations to assist with covering Jimmy's medical expenses. As these will be used for medical expenses, most donations will not incur taxes for the Sun family if kept below the IRS gifting limits per individual giver.  Click here to be taken to this site.

Caring Bridge is a website where you can receive care updates and leave messages for Jimmy and his family.  There is a planner that will list any family needs that you can help with.  The site requires user's to log in to protect privacy.  Please use the Go Fund me account for donations. To access the caring bridge website, click here.  You will be prompted to log in to access the site.

The family has suggested that supplying meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays would be appreciated and we have set up a meal train sign up.  Josie is taking classes on these days and it leaves Jennifer alone to manage the store.  You will be preparing lunch meals for Jennifer (1 adult) and dinner for Jennifer and Josie (2 adults) . Please deliver meals to the shop between 11-1:30 for lunch and 5-7:30 for dinner. To go to the meal train sign up click here.