Weekly Social Ice Dancing

Sunday Sessions are resuming in San Jose at 9:30-11:15

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BAID in times of COVID-19

As we return to the ice, we will have to make some changes for now.  Please check back as rules may change over time. Click here to open a pdf with registration details and COVID-19 Rules.


No Partnering

At this time, practice social distancing on the ice. Partnering is not allowed at this time. Practice Solo Dances and edgework.
Annie's Edges are a great place to start.   


Masks Required at all Times

To protect all of our ice dancers. A mask that covers the nose and mouth must be worn at all times while in the building and on the ice while skating. Please be sure to follow other safety guidelines for handwashing and hand sanitizer use. Do not come to the rink if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.



The numbers on the session are limited.  You need to register at least one day in advance with the rink.  This also helps them keep track of who is on the ice.  Please have proof of registration available in the event of any questions.

Location: Solar4America San Jose


1500 S 10th St, San Jose, CA 95112



Social Ice Dancing Calender

Social Ice Dancing Etiquette

Ice dancing began as a social activity as a way to bring ballroom dancing to the ice and enjoy skating with other people. It gradually developed into competitive and testing structures. But many people still enjoy social ice dancing. Without the pressure of testing or competing, it gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy skating with others who share the same passion.

Many ice dancers say the experience of skating with different partners helps their own ice dancing improve, and you may find this a hidden benefit of attending social ice dance sessions – besides the obvious fun! 

Our sessions are open to people of all ages and abilities.  We are a friendly bunch who will be happy to teach you the basics and the beginner ice dances if you show up at a session.  While anyone can give it a try, those taking group classes can start around the delta/gamma level or completion of basic skills.  It is useful to be able to do forward edges, cross-overs, three-turns, and mohawks.  The basic ice dance steps people start learning are swing rolls, progressives, chasses, and slide chasses.  

We play a mixed called playlist of social ice dances.  This includes dances in the US Figure Skating Preliminary through International levels.  There are a few social ice dances that are also sometimes played such as the Swing Waltz, Golden Skater's Waltz, and others.  

Social ice dance sessions are about dancing the called dances.  There are no jumps allowed.  Dance spins are allowed only on low attendance sessions.  Moves in the fields can be practiced, but the skater must look out for the called dancers.  Skaters may practice other dances as long as they do not interfere with skaters' doing the called dance.

Skaters doing the called dance always have the right of way.  This is over students in lessons, skaters not skating the dance, etc. If you aren't skating the dance, please stand next to the boards out of the way of the dancers.

Skaters should line up for each dance.  Full pattern dances start at the end opposite the ice resurfacers.

Who goes first? those skating regular patterns, those who are up to speed, those skating as a couple.
Who goes last? those doing variations, those who are learning, singles or flocks.

Please switch partners often. Don’t be shy; if you want to skate with someone, just ask.
If you need to decline a dance, perhaps offer to do a different dance with that person. 
Encourage a team approach to working out dance pattern issues, not criticism.
Be a mentor. Help skaters of all skill levels to learn new dances.

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